Fueling Her Passion… One Race at a Time


In 1998 she ran her first triathlon. She completed fi ve more that year. Then she stopped…until 2013, when a friend knocked on her door and invited her back. She graciously accepted, and hasn’t looked back. Kelly Wagner is a wife, mother and neighbor. She bikes...a bit. She runs...a bit. She swims...a bit. OK, whom are we kidding? A LOT. She is an IRONMAN. We caught up [...]

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Spotlight 360: Hey, Sole Sister


Name: Taryn Buckley Age: 30 Family life: Husband Dante (engineer at RTI Surgical), two sons Xavier (5) and Quintin (9 months) Career: Project manager for North Florida AIDS Education & Training Center at UF. Taryn Buckley is a true Wellness360 Renaissance woman. She balances her roles as mom and wife while pursuing her career as [...]

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The Savvy Consumer’s Quick Guide to Buying Your First Home


If you are thinking about purchasing a home, it can feel quite overwhelming. This quick guide will give you an overview of what you should be working on. Step 1: Is Buying Your Best Option? Buying a home is not the best option for every consumer. Reasons to rent instead of buy your home include [...]

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Football for Beginners


Sitting in religion class one afternoon in 2010, my teacher turned to something unusual to show that people had lost touch with what “really matters.” She cued up a YouTube video that compared football to religion, stadiums to churches and teams to gods. “It’s hard for me,” I remember her saying, “because I have two [...]

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Flavorful Fungi


These dark, mysterious fungi, which can be found sprinkled amongst the earth, contain important vitamins and nutrients that are vital for a healthy lifestyle. From oyster to shiitake, mushrooms can complement any meal, even pizza or salad! With their low calorie count, mushrooms are known to be an ideal source of B vitamins, such as [...]

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An Ancient Tool for the Modern-Day Kitchen


In a sea of new cooking gadgets, there is one item that has remained unchanged throughout the ages. Nestled in the corner of the kitchen, this simple and sophisticated set sits ready and waiting, for soon it will be needed (in the words of chef Jamie Oliver) to “muddle and bash” simple ingredients to culinary [...]

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